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Chicago Vein Institute Sarajevo is the only phlebology clinic in Bosnia and Herzegovina exclusively dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of vein diseases, and its staff is trained to use the latest and most advanced methods for treating varicose and diseased veins. What sets this prestigious institute apart is its application of new techniques and methods in vein disease therapy and treatment.

In line with this, in collaboration with Medtronic, Chicago Vein Institute Sarajevo offers patients a completely new technique for treating varicose veins, performed in the most modern way. Namely, it involves vein ablation, using the Venosiel adhesive technique, which provides the simplest and least painful solution for diseased veins.

Above all, this top-notch method of adhesive treatment for varicose veins enables patients to receive immediate and effective treatment, with the latest treatment approach ideal for the summer days. The period of wearing compression stockings, as well as the dosage of anesthesia during this treatment, which lasts thirty minutes, is minimized.

With certainty, we can emphasize that during the Venosiel treatment method, pain and discomfort for the patient during the process are almost non-existent. Additionally, you will be able to carry out your daily and leisure activities as usual, such as going to work, doing household chores, going to the gym, taking walks, and more.

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Chicago Vein Institute Sarajevo

Chicago Vein Institute Sarajevo is a medical clinic exclusively dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases. At Chicago Vein Institute Sarajevo, experts perform the latest and most effective treatments for painful and varicose veins, spider veins, and other vein-related disorders. With well-trained staff and a state-of-the-art facility, our doctors and personnel are able to assist anyone in need.

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